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Welcome to the official website of Maggie Reilly.


A career spanning over 4 decades.


Worldwide hits like Moonlight Shadow, Everytime We Touch, Wait, To France, Listen To Your Heart, Foreign Affair,  Juliette and many many more.


Her songs are the soundtrack of a whole generation. And... yes... there is more to be expected from this prolific singer and songwriter. Stay tuned and watch  this site for stories, rarities, exclusive songs and ... of course


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In 1979 Maggie Reilly joined the band Pumphouse Gang to record the Ireland-only-single "Welcome Back Into My Life". The song became a smash in the Dublin underground dance and gay community.


All City, Dublin based label, will release the track again as part ot the Quare Groove compilation. A vinyl and download format. No CD release!


Listen to "Welcome Back Into My Life" and get your copy of this album here:




                                                                                                               It will sure be a rare collectors item soon!

Maggie Reilly's music videos are being restored at the moment.


Visit Maggie's official Youtube channel to enjoy the music videos and concert clips. There will be more to discover soon!


Maggie Reilly Official Youtube Channel

Maggie Reilly Echoes re-release


We are working on a remastered reissue of Maggie Reilly's debut album Echoes. The album contains the classic track "Everytime We Touch" and went Gold in several countries. More details to follow.


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New album in progress

Maggie is working on new songs for a possible new album to follow up her latest success she enjoyed with "Heaven Sent". The latest album includes both German Top 20 Airplay Chart Hits "Juliette" and "Cold The Snow Clad Mountain" as well as the concert staple and fan favorite "Where The Heart Lies". 


No date for the new album is yet to be announced. Please check back this place

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